FK2 Series multi-mode DC electronic load device Easier-to-use
Power Supply

160W,480W (-0.5V support) and
200W to 2kW (max 21kW)

Operating voltage 0V to 150V

FK Series multi-mode DC electronic load device (CC, CR, CV, and CP)
DC Power Supply 200W to 1kW (max 8kW)
Operating voltage 5V to 500V
RL-6000 Series DC electronic load device of electronic regenerative type
Electronic Loads 6kW to 30kW
Operating voltage 3V to 60V
EWL Series AC electronic load device with arbitrarily variable power factor Capable of power factor setting
Large-capacity battery examination system 2kVA , 4kVA (max 12kVA)
Operating voltage AC14Vrms to AC300Vrms
Model EWL-300 Both for AC/DC
Electronic Loads

DC 150V/AC 300V

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