Series regulator type High-speed response, very low ripple
DC power supply Constant voltage / constant current

Power Supply

Output voltage 0 to 35V
Output current 0 to 5A
Maximum output power 175W
Operating power 90 VAC to 110 VAC single phase, 47 to 63 Hz


High-speed response characteristic functions
The GP035-5mk2 is a series regulator type that focuses on the basic performance of a DC power supply, offering high-speed response, very low ripple, low noise, and high reliability. While maintaining the performance of the GP035-5, a field-proven highreliability and high-quality DC power supply, this model further offers digital displays and multi-turn potentiometers that enhance its ease of use and, at the same time, improve the interfaces needed for parallel operation, external control, and monitoring. Furthermore, the status and alarm outputs are improved through the use of photo coupler insulation.
Analog setting with digital display
You can quickly set your desired output voltage and current with the analog multi-turn potentiometers. At the same time, you can easily check the output voltage and current, OVP, OCP, and total current during parallel operation on the digital displays.
Simple OVP and OCP settings
You can easily make the OVP and OCP settings using the cover-protected variable resistors on the front panel. These settings can be monitored on the digital displays.
Front output terminals
DC output terminals are provided on both the front and rear of the unit.
Support for series connection and parallel operation
Up to two units of the same model can be connected in series, while up to five units can be operated in parallel.
Remote sensing
The DC output terminals on the rear of the unit are provided with remote sensing terminals which use circuitry that produces a smaller increase in the output than a conventional system in the event of issues such as sensing line disconnection.
Output voltage and current adjustment trimmers for external control
Adjustment trimmers are provided on the rear of the unit to compensate for any slight differences from the reference voltage source during external control. This is well suited to situations where adjustment is necessary in the case of power supply replacement during incorporation into a system.
Calibration functions
Functions allow the user to calibrate the meter values.

External control terminals

External view

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