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Over the 63 years since our foundation in 1950, Takasago Ltd. has supplied a wide variety of products for supporting professionals in a wide range of fields including industrial power supply equipment, communications system equipment, and broadcast studio equipment. We will continue to do the work that we have done for the more than half a century since our birth, that is, commit to the most advanced technologies without compromising while supplying products and services aimed at promoting the co-existence and co-prosperity of the earth, society, and corporations.

Company Profile
President (Representative Director) Norihiko Uesugi
Trade name Takasago Ltd
Established July 25, 1950
Capital 120 million yen
employees 158 (As of May,2013)
Business Area Research and development, manufacturing, and sales of power supply equipment, communications equipment, control system equipment, studio equipment, and so on
1950 Set up as a partner company of NEC Corporation in Higashi-Kojiya, Ota-ku, Tokyo, capitalized at one million yen.
Started the manufacture of cabinets for communications and broadcasting equipment.
1954 Entered the studio equipment sector with the start of TV broadcasts.
Developed Japan's first microphone boom and camera pedestal.
1955 Developed an electric hanging microphone unit for use in halls.
Delivered it to NHK Hall as the first domestic product of its kind.
1959 Succeeded in developing and commercializing Japan's first semiconductor DC regulated power supply.
Increased the capitalization to four million yen.
1961 Built the second factory in Mizonokuchi.
1963 Became an affiliate of NEC after their investment in Takasago. Increased capitalization to 20 million yen.
1964 Released the GP050-2 DC power supply
1966 Developed Japan's first semiconductor frequency AC regulated power supply.
1967 Started the manufacture of PCM CH machines.
1968 Built the main building at the Mizonokuchi second factory.
1969 To expand the communications equipment division to take in transmission, communications, and other equipment, established a wholly-owned affiliate, Takasago Denshi Kiki Seisakusho Ltd., in Tsuruoka city, Yamagata.
1970 Developed and delivered the power controllers for the Sanyo Shinkansen.
1971 Built the Mizonokuchi first factory (east building).
1972 Released the NEW GP, a small version of the GP Series.
1973 Developed an N rocket launch, control, and command unit and delivered it to the National Space Development Agency of Japan.
1975 Developed switching power supplies.
1976 Increased the capitalization to 80 million yen.
1979 Joined the Japan Electric Measuring Instruments Manufacturers' Association
1986 Completed the Mizonokuchi second factory (west building).
1987 Increased the capitalization to 120 million yen.
1989 Built a new factory of affiliate, Takasago Denshi Kiki Seisakusho Ltd.
1990 A Takasago power supply was installed in Russia's Mir space station (former Soviet Union).
1991 Developed the EX Series of low-input zoom DC power supplies.
1993 Developed the HC Series of harmonic current analyzers.
1994 Developed the FK Series of electronic load devices.
1996 Developed the AA/X Series of ISO 9001-certified (JQA) analyzing AC power supplies.
1997 Acquired ISO 14001 certification (JQA).
2000 Celebrated our 50th anniversary.
2001 Developed the KX and LX small-size switching power supplies.
2002 Developed and sold regenerative system power supplies. Developed the HX Series of soft switching DC power supplies. Developed the AA/D Series of soft switching AC power supplies.
2003 Developed the RL-6000 regenerative DC electronic load device.
2004 Developed the DU multi-channel logger.
2005 Developed the MIU multi-channel impedance measuring device.Developed the EWL Series of AC electronic load devices.
2006 Developed the new ZX Series of 8x zoom DC power supplies. Developed the new FKmkII electronic load device, equipped with fuel battery evaluation functions.
2009 Developed quick chargers for electric cars.
2011 Released portable AC power supplies with large-capacity lithium-ion batteries.
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